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Digital voltage current display


Voltage Current Display,  DC 4.5-100V Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Multimeter Panel, 0-50A Volt Tester Meter Amp Detector, LED Voltage Amperage Monitor Gauge for Automotive Motor Battery.


An LCD or liquid crystal display  is a combination of two states of material ie, the solid &  the liquid. These displays use a liquid crystal to produce a visible image. LCDs are super thin technology display screen. The main benefits of using this module are inexpensive; simply programmable, animations, and there are no limitations for displaying custom characters, special and even animations, etc.


Dot led matrix display module is a display board arranged in series from four 8 x 8 Dot Matrix which can print characters using LEDs or the group of LEDs. So it has total of 32×8 = 256 numbers of LEDs. Each 8×8 LED matrix has a MAX7219 common-cathode display driver IC with serial input and parallel output.